About MedEdNet

MedEdNet, an AHRQ-registered practice-based research network since 2007, is a collaboration of medical schools, residencies, and faculty development programs dedicated to studying innovations in medical education, particularly within the primary care disciplines. A primary focus of MedEdNet is improvement of physician training through rigorous testing of educational innovations. This focus includes developing primary care faculty to enhance both teaching and educational research skills.

Mission & Vision
The Mission of MedEdNet is to improve the health of patients and populations served by primary care practices by promoting and conducting research on educational effectiveness.

The Vision for MedEdNet is to become a national center leading primary care-based educational research in undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education.

Core Data Collection
The network utilizes a relational database of linked core survey data collected longitudinally which allows us to examine educational exposures and outcomes while adjusting for possible confounders. Core surveys include: 1) Continuity Clinic Survey (practice characteristics, status of PCMH features), Program Survey (curricular elements, scholarly activity, faculty development needs, personnel changes), Resident Survey (ratings of curriculum and training, ratings of importance of PCMH features), and Graduate Survey (practice demographics, scope of practice, status of PCMH features, ratings of residency training, practice preparedness). The graduate survey is constructed to include elements that align with available national datasets used to track physicians (e.g. ABFM demographics).

Metwork members have access to an online viewing portal to see core data from their program compared to the data from a particular study, or the entire network. Members are able to request custom data queries for either core or special project data, or request analytic assistance to help answer more complex questions about the relationship between training and career satisfaction, scope of practice or involvement in practice transformation, for example.

MedEdNet is operated and sponsored by the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) Family Medicine Department, which provides infrastructure financial support, resources and leadership guidance to the Network. MedEdNet uses a Co-Director model of operations. One Co-director oversees scientific activities of the Network and the other oversees the administrative activities.

MedEdNet is assisted by an Advisory Committee that helps guide overall direction and policy, including: 1) determining its own membership and operating procedures; 2) establishing criteria and standards for residency programs participating in MedEdNet; 3) determining educational research priorities, and reporting of study results; and 4) seeking funding for MedEdNet infrastructure and research activities.