Connect, Contribute, Collaborate, CommunicateThere are currently two categories of membership:

1) Study-specific Membership:

Programs actively participating in one or more studies currently being conducted at the Network fall into this membership category. Requirements include participating in all required evaluation activities associated with the funded study. At the conclusion of the study (end of funding period), programs can join the Network as Full Members.

Current Network Studies:

  • Family Medicine Length of Training Pilot (LoT)
  • Professionals Accelerating Clinical and Educational Redesign (PACER)
  • R25 Enhancing Behavioral and Social Sciences in Undergraduate Medical Education (Evaluation Core)

2) Full Membership:

Residency programs interested in participating in one or more evaluation activities for educational research purposes or to meet accreditation requirements, such as conducting a graduate survey, fall into this membership category. Requirements for Full Membership include providing an annual fee to support administrative, analytic and reporting functions of the evaluations they plan to be involved in. The fee is adjusted according to the number of core instruments selected by the residency program (Graduate Survey, Continuity Clinic Survey and Resident Survey).

Other Membership Responsibilities (all membership categories):

  • Use of standardized definitions and procedures to ensure data quality, integrity, and ethical conduct of research.
  • Follow the privacy and confidentiality requirements of MedEdNet.
  • Conduct approved, ethically sound research in the program’s local environment and obtain the necessary institutional and federal approval for this work.
  • Consent to be publicly listed as a member of MedEdNet and acknowledged in manuscripts.