Past Studies

Preparing the Personal Physician for Practice (P4)

Preparing the Personal Physician for Practice (P4) was an initiative designed to inspire and examine innovation in family medicine residency training. P4 represented the first serious reconsideration of the structure, length and content of family medicine residencies since primary care residencies were defined in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Primary Care Faculty Development Initiative (PCFDI)

The Primary Care Faculty Development Initiative (PCFDI) Pilot provided faculty in each of the primary care disciplines of internal medicine, pediatrics and family medicine an opportunity to engage in a collaborative hands-on learning experience focusing on how to train primary care residents to practice safely and effectively in a rapidly evolving health care system.

R25 Enhancing Behavioral and Social Sciences in Undergraduate Medical Education

In 2005, the IOM released a report titled “Improving medical education: enhancing the behavioral and social science content of medical school curriculum” that pointed to deficiencies in medical school curriculum. In response, in 2006, the NIH funded, through a K07 mechanism, 9 medical schools to integrate behavioral and social sciences education in undergraduate medical school or graduate medical education curriculae. In 2012, 8 medical schools received funding, via an R25 mechanism, to renew their original award. Each of the 8 schools identified a partner medical school that would allow for the study of dissemination activities. Together, these 16 medical schools collaborated to form the Behavioral and Social Science Consortium for Medical Education, and two subsequent working groups focused on interprofessional education and evaluation/dissemination.