Consultation Services

A primary focus of MedEdNet is the rigorous evaluation of educational research and program management, which is becoming increasingly important as curricular innovations are occurring across undergraduate and graduate medical education. With experts in the fields of education research, program evaluation, and faculty development, MedEdNet is uniquely positioned to assist educators and educational researchers to improve the management and evaluation of learners, faculty, and programs.

MedEdNet provides consultation services to help educators and researchers navigate the nuances of medical education research, topics of which include:

  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) review
  • Study design and implementation
  • Data Repository design and Programming
    • Multi-Study model
    • Curriculum Evaluation and Management model
  • Data analysis

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Survey Services

Another focus of MedEdNet is the improvement of physician training through rigorous testing of educational innovations and interventions, a key component of which is the enhancement of educational research skills. To that end, our efforts include providing specialized services in instrument design and data collection strategies.

MedEdNet Survey Services can assist with the setup and administration of web-based and scannable paper surveys.

  • Web-based surveys are programmed and processed with a secure online application and can either be administered by MedEdNet through a secure system, or administered by the client using a sharable link and unique respondent IDs.
  • Scannable paper surveys are formatted with a specialized application, and printed copies are provided to the client. Completed surveys are then processed with high-speed, high-volume scanning software.

A full variety of question types are available on both web-based surveys and paper surveys, including dichotomous, multiple choice, scaling/interval, contingency, demographic, and unstructured questions. Data are verified and cleaned before being exported, and output files are offered in a variety of formats including Excel and SPSS and include a data dictionary.

MedEdNet’s survey application, scanning hardware and software maximize data security and minimize the data entry mistakes that commonly occur when entering survey data by hand. Paper surveys are processed with a Panasonic KV-S4085C high-speed, high-volume scanner. The service’s web survey system runs on a PostgreSQL 9.3.4 database and is housed on a secure Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server running at OHSU’s Advanced Computer Center (ACC). Security and updates for the server are managed by MedEdNet and ACC staff.

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